Saturday, January 24, 2009

Krocodile Grill

It's been some time already since I last dined at Krocodile Grill. The last time I did was in their branch in Makati and I was told that they serve the best sisig in town. I was not disappointed. I also remember bringing some guests from the United States a few years back to sample the delicious sisig and inihaw. They still remember it to this day.

Anyway, it's been years since I visited Krocodile Grill and I did not know that they have a branch at the Mall of Asia (actually at the Bay area already). We decided to have dinner there after watching the pyro display (which was really awesome).

Since there were 8 of us we ordered 3 platters of sisig, a plate of calamares, inihaw na liempo and pusit. The waiters also did not fail to keep the bottomless iced teas bottomless! (Other restos require you to request for refill, but at Kroc's the iced tea was literally bottomless!).

The Pork Sisig.

The Inihaw na Liempo.

The Calamares (almost forgot to take a photo).

And we ended up devouring the inihaw na pusit, totally forgot to take a photo.

Ave. Cost Per Person: PhP211 (with bottomless iced tea)


  1. Just dropping by and find your blog cool. I included you in my list of awardees ",) I hope you don't mind. Care to check it out at my page. Thanks.

  2. I found your blogs from forum. I think your cool ate! Ang Sarap ng mga pagkain. Nakakagutom tuloy. By the way ate Sana turuan rin ako panu tumaas yong PR.

  3. I just had a blog about Krocodile Grille. Sana we've tried the Sisig...I should have read your blog before we went there... :D

  4. @gabeleda There's always a second time :)