Thursday, December 25, 2008

Singapore: Thai Express

I'm not really into spicy food and I remember when my colleagues and I had a "spiciest food" contest I lost even though I brought authentic siling labuyo from Bicol. It was my colleague from Thailand who won with the instant noodles she brought (my eyes watered with the smell!). So I wasn't really too hot about eating at a Thai restaurant, but then I'm always game to eat anything anyway.

My colleague with his cousins and I headed to Thai Express located at Paragon mall in Orchard Road. We had to wait a bit since the resto was quite full. We were all very hungry when we ordered and ended up ordering a number of dishes.

Here are some of what we had:

Pad Thai (must have!)

Honey Chicken

Tofu Dish

What I absolutedly loved was their milk tea! I wish they had a branch here in Manila! =)


  1. i used to be a governess in thailand,
    and am so glad na napadpad ako sa country
    na yun, pinanganak ako na may sili sa dila(joke!) baka napanalunan ko anghang contest nyo...anywayz...yup, totally agreed!
    Pad thai is a must have!
    I know! that milk tea totally rockz!!
    arrgg! miss them so-bloody-lutely!