Friday, July 11, 2008

Romantic Antipolo

I've heard so much about "Antipolo" and that it's a great place for lovers. Through the years friends would share stories about the fabulous view and how calm and peaceful the place is. Antipolo is about 30 kilometers from where I live and I found out that you have to go through 4 highways (South Super Highway, C5, Marcos Highway and Sumulong Highway) to get there. So despite all the praises I've heard about Antipolo I never got the chance to go and visit.

Little did I know that I was going to have a big surprise.

I had no idea what Sweetie had planned for us that day. He just said, "Wear jeans, socks, rubbershoes and an extra shirt. Also bring hollow blocks, agimat etc. etc." I thought that we were going to attend a GK build. Whenever I bugged him where we were going he just answered back by giving another "to-bring" list. So I just gave up.

After fetching me after a meeting we headed east. I'm a South girl so I had no idea where it was we were going to go. He first brought me to the mall to go bowling. And boy both our games were awful, but it was great fun!

After merienda we headed out. It was raining a bit and I had no idea where we were headed. It looked a lot like we were leaving Metro Manila and the road was heading up. I couldn't find any signs to give me an idea where we were going and I was quite busy as well looking at the structures outside the window.

And then he said, "We're here."

We parked at Padi's Point. It was then that it dawned on me that we were in Antipolo! At the place where many of my other friends have gone before. THE place to go to with your S.O.

I was so simply kilig. Teehee.

The view from the deck was breath-taking. Being far away from all the buzz in the city. Being offline. Being at a serene place was just what I needed.

Here's the view.

I would looooove to go back.

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  1. i always wanted to revisit Antipolo but no luck!