Monday, July 14, 2008


Binalot means "wrapped".

I've been eating "Binalot" food for a couple of years already. I think they started off with just delivery service. My former colleagues and I usually ordered our lunch from Binalot. We loved it since the food was wrapped in a banana leaf, so that meant we didn't have to wash any dishes after eating.

It's been sometime since I ate at Binalot and we wanted to try out the stalls at the at Market Market. They have improved their menu a lot and have variations of the usual tocilog, longsilog and tapsilog. I love the fact that the rice is adobo rice and comes with fried egg, itlog na pula and one whole tomato. Yum!!!

Experience it!

The Binalot Adobo-Longsilog

The Binalot Adobo Tapsilog


  1. Binalot has been our staple food during my Ortigas days when I used to work there. Their delivery service with everything "wrapped" is convenient not to mention delicious.

    I also would say how creative their food's names are, like taparap-sarap and vivo-tocino.

    I highly recommend Binalot.