Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bicol: Moderna Bakery's Fried Siopao

I spend a lot of summers in Bicol since it's our hometown. Too bad though I haven't had the chance to go home the past 2 years! There's so much to see, experience and eat in Bicol and may I start with Moderna Bakery's fried siopao:

Fried siopao? Yup, you read it right. I was quite weirded out the first time I heard about it but since it's produced by our family's bakery (the oldest in Bicol and much older than the famous Goldilocks) I did not have any qualms about sampling it.

Mom brought home a couple of pieces from Moderna Bakery and I knew I just had to blog about it. So sorry I ended up biting into it before taking a photograph, but you'd see that it's got meaty filling and you don't actually need to lay on any sauce on it. The filling also has some egg which makes it more tasty.

There are two branches of Moderna Bakery in Bicol. One is located near the Naga City Public Market which is now run by my cousin. Should you have the chance to eat at the resto better order the pancit. My Dad used to spend a lot of time at the bakery in his youth and that's where he learned how to cook. The other branch is at the Apolo ancestral home at Bagumbayan (it's quite near Ateneo de Naga) and that's where they cook all the bread in stone oven that was built over 60 years ago. They also sell a lot of yummy pastries and cakes.

Moderna Bakery
Main Branch: Bagumbayan, Naga City
Restaurant: near the Naga City Public Market
Camarines Sur, Bicol


  1. If I'd known about your relatives' bakeries, I would have tried out the fried siopao while I was staying in Naga City for 2 months in April-May!

    I'll definitely check it out on my next visit back to the Philippines!

  2. Hi! So glad I have stumbled on your blog. The (daughter's) owner of Moderna Bakery was my classmate in HS.. I agree with everything that you say. Toasted siopao is my hubby's favorite. He never fails to order a DOZEN everytime we visit Naga.. And yes, the pancit in Moderna is popular too..
    Nice blog you have here. I guess I'd be a frequent visitor. Good day!

  3. hi my name is sandy gloria of davao city and i had that privilege of tasting the fried siopao moderna bakery is famous for. its really fantastic! my dad's parents are also in naga. i plan to visit naga to see my grandparents and treat myself to moderna bakery. i wish i could bring this kind of siopao here in davao, coz aside from its originality, it really tastes good! i was hoping that one of the owners of moderna bakery would read my comment, and email me if they want to bring their product here in davao city. my email address is: thanks a lot! more power!

  4. ok just a quickie correction i may say? i think it's not really fried but baked. i can say it's baked because I've made it myself several times. i am a well-seasoned cook (yabang ano?)fried would look like oily & it will appear-well-fried! the steamed ones would appear white & fluffy since it's-steamed:-) hope you don't mind the correction? love your blog. tubong camaligan, educated by Naga. keep it up!

  5. Yes, it is baked. I tried this siopao before, will never forget how good it is!