Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jumbo Kingdom

The last time I was at the floating restaurant - Jumbo Kingdom - was for a friend's wedding reception. That was last year during a typhoon and I could say it was a dizzying experience because the place was rocking like you're in a boat. But the food was great and since it was a Chinese wedding, it came by the hordes... one after another.

Anyway, I had the chance to hang out in the area last night when Sweetie brought me there to see the Manila Bay sunset. So I ended up playing with my camera's settings trying to get a nice photo of the restaurant by the bay -


  1. Hi Aileen,

    I like reading your Lakwatsero ako as it remineds me of many familiar places like Dayrit's. I remember there was one along Buendia? Now, I also miss Big 20 Hamburger and Al Dente's! Remember, those places. And Dean Street Cafe.

    Glad that your sweetie brings you to different places. Haven't been to Manila Bay lately or Baywalk (does it still exist?). hehehe.

    Last time, Chief and I were in Malate... Atienza was still mayor. We heard Mass at Malate Church, had coffee at Figaro Baywalk and we enjoyed the fresh breeze.

    Yes, best friends make good boyfriends or girlfriends.

    Cheers again,

  2. @gil - di ko po inabot "Dean Street Cafe" hehehe! But I remember if being very popular waaaay back.

    The places at Baywalk were moved across the street, near Aristocrat. I haven't been there, but I just noticed it when we were on our way to the "surprise" location.

    Funny noh, how you discover other things about your best friend when you are in a relationship. It's just been a month, but we feel like we've been together for the longest time and it's just been so fun =)