Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter Clothing

I'm pretty proud of myself because I survived winter without getting sick! I hate to admit it but I don't really like feeling cold. Sweetie's the complete opposite. He likes it when it's cold and he can actually survive with a bimpo on his shoulder when we sleep with the aircon on. Me? I actually use 2 blankets and also use a blanket even if we're just using an electric fan. I like to keep my feet warm.

I never expected that the temperature would go down to -12°C, but I'm glad I prepared to wear the right clothing. Thought I'd make a quick post about what I had to get (in case I need it again in the future).

1. The Coat - preferably the one that reaches to your knees so that it covers your behind. My sister bought one for me in the US (Anne Klein brand) and sent it through my brother-in-law.

2. Gloves - fur lined gloves is the best although I oftentimes wished they were double-fur-lined. I just jammed my hands in my coat pockets for additional warmth.

3. Thermal underwear - get the thickest tights you can find and long-sleeved thermal shirts. Best buy at Uniqlo. Thermal socks from Daiso were very helpful too.

4. Sweater - my brother-in-law advised that I should get turtlenecks. I didn't expect though I'd get allergies from the furry kind (H&M), good thing I got some shirt-type turtlenecks at Uniqlo.

5. Bonnet/Hat - never leave home without a bonnet. I never used my ear muffs since the bonnet did it's job. Using your jacket's hood helps too.

6. Jacket - if you are not as ginawin as I am you can probably do without this if you already have 3 layers on you and you can just use your coat to top your sweater-thermal undies ensemble, but if you're going to go to -3°C temperatures (and onwards) a jacket is mighty helpful.

7. Scarf - aside from protecting your neck, you can also use your scarf to hide your face haha.

8. Boots - get fur-lined boots. My boss commended my choice of shoes and he said that they were really nice and was the best choice for winter. I actually got a size bigger because I anticipated that I would be wearing several layers of tights and socks.

9. Others - arm and leg warmers and ear muffs never used them though.

I layered a lot since I was scared about catching a cold and I definitely did not want to get sick in an unfamiliar country. I'm proud to say that I didn't get sick because I prepared well. My nose though was bleeding all week long because it was cold (hafta get it checked). Buying the right clothing put a dent to my savings, but it was worth it because I got back to Asia in one piece.


  1. Also, I'm betting Switzerland won't be the last cold place you'll go to, so you'll be able to use your winter clothes in the future!

    Thanks for posting this, Aileen! I'm going somewhere pretty cold too, so this post is really helpful!

  2. @Nina I had a hard time finding a list online so I thought I'd make one (also to remind myself what to bring on my next trip!). Hopefully I'd be able to visit other cold countries in the future! :)

  3. Question pala, ano yung boots mo? Yung mala Uggs or leather? Di ba madulas ang kalsada dahil sa snow/ice?

  4. @Nina uggs na fur lined. The road was slippery but my boots saved me! My colleagues who came from Asia weren't that lucky.

  5. Ooh thanks for that! Will look for Ugg-like boots :D

  6. Congratulations Ate for surviving Winter! Hehe mas ok talaga to spend extra for winter clothes kesa naman magkasakit wah