Saturday, November 12, 2011

Singapore: Tapa King at Lau Pa Sat

Today I blog about a popular local fast-food chain in the Philippines - Tapa King! 

I was ranting to a friend just before I left for Singapore that I was going to miss eating longsilog. He told me that I shouldn't fuss because Tapa King has a branch at Lau Pa Sat. I was really happy when he told me about it because Lau Pa Sat is just a stone's throw away from where I work. 

So one evening last week I headed to Lau Pa Sat because I was craving for some comfort Pinoy food. I just followed my nose and found Tapa King! I think I was so obviously excited the cashier noticed it and they gave me a large helping of tapa which came with local vinegar. So I happily brought home one order of Tapa Prince (sweet) for dinner.

And some longsilog the next evening.

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Aside from tapa and longganisa, they also have corned beef (Purefoods) and bangus and a lot of other yummy Pinoy stuff. 

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Tapa King - Singapore
Lau Pa Sat (map)

Price Range: SG$5 to 7


  1. Wow may Tapa King branch pala sa SG! Must check that out on my next Singapore trip :D

  2. Lau pa sat! Meron din dyang Happy V (if you miss Jollibee's chicken joy) and lechon & liempo! :D

  3. if you happen to visit Davao, try TAPS. They serve the best TAPA here. Also, visit Metro Club,they have this TAPA meal too. BIG SERVING.

    im a fan of your blog now. will check ur posts regularly coz I too is a big FOODIE!