Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Lamb

I scheduled a lunch date today with Sweetie since he was away for almost a week. He suggested we go to Little Lamb which was located near his office. When his colleagues found out about our plan they joined our little lunch date! Haha, so we ended up having 6 chaperones to our date. It was fun though since I've been eating lunch alone during weekdays for about a year and a half now.

Little Lamb is a popular hotpot restaurant in China. I read some blog posts about it and it seems that a lot of people are excited to hear that there's a branch here in Manila! Anyway, I didn't have enough time to look up their menu online and when I got to the restaurant they already ordered (so next time I think I'll try their sweet & sour pork).

Here's what we got:

The salt & pepper pork ribs. Prepare to sweat when you try this spicy dish. It was quite tasty though, but I had to drink a lot every time I sampled it.

The bihon shrimp guisado. I only tried one fork-full since I'm allergic to shrimp.

Singapore style noodles which had curry in it. It was my first time to try noodles with curry. I especially liked the mushroom and egg since it was very flavorful because of the curry.

Beef with Ampalaya. I'm used to eating ampalaya that's not so bitter so I was quite surprised with the sharp, bitter taste.

Beef with Broccoli. Sweetie's colleagues said that they found it quite salty, but I actually liked it since it added flavor to the broccoli.

I think next time I'll save up and try the hot pot :)

And here's our chaperoneS!

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