Thursday, May 6, 2010

Le Bistro Vert

Last week, hubby, Miguel and I got lost looking for this posh restaurant in Makati. Alas! We found Le Bistro Vert nestled in a building somewhere along Valero street. Parking was a bit hard so we ended up 30 minutes late for our meeting.

We got to try several dishes. I tried out the pizza and a breakfast meal (tapa) and sampled Jay's salmon dish. The pizza was interesting. Tapsilog was the usual one (but I liked their vinegar). The salmon dish was just so-so. Food wasn't really spectacular and their prices were overrated. The others said though that the desserts were good.

Price Range: at least PhP500 per person

Must try: pizza

Lakwatsera's Rating: I'd rather go somewhere else for the amount I spent there.


  1. aileen, what pizza have you ordered.

  2. @Cafemobility I don't remember exactly, but I do remember it was yummy --- I think it was the one with kesong puti.