Thursday, March 4, 2010

Picnic Grove (Tagaytay)

I have fond memories of Picnic Grove since the I used to go there with my childhood friends. It's where I learned how to skate (well I did manage a straight line) and had loads of fun following the trail (something I can't do anymore). It's been sometime since I visited Picnic Grove and I was quite excited to check out the new stuff they had at the park.

First stop was the view deck. And that's what we did. Checked out the view. Couldn't resist though taking a picture of my friends since they looked like an emo version of the F4.

As expected the zipline was... short. It cost PhP200 per head, per way, but I guess it's not so bad since the longer ziplines are located in Mindanao! We wanted to try out the cage zip but decided against it when we found out the price.

Picnic Grove was pretty much the same. Most of the small cottages were torn down and the facilities haven't been maintained too well. Sayang.

Entrance Fee: PhP50/head
Vehicle Fee: PhP35/car

Map to Picnic Grove

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