Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chinatown (Singapore)

Another favorite place of mine in Singapore is Chinatown. And just like Bugis I like it there because I can go crazy shopping and do food binges without worrying much about my budget.

Here's my (most) favorite food in Singapore. Mee-goreng (minus the chili).

And because I am matakaw I also had some sweet pork.

And Sweetie had some yummy prawns.

To burn off all the calories we ingested we walked around Chinatown and found some interesting stuff. We managed to resist shopping though and just got a magnet for our fridge.

Price range: food SG$4 and above; pasalubong stuff you can buy by bulk, magnets cost at least SG$2 or you can get 6 at SG$10, nice dresses at SG$15 and above, lots of Chinese delicacies sold per pack and by weight

Must have: Mee-goreng!

Can do without: the barbecue slathered with chili!

How to get to Chinatown: just get off at Chinatown MRT, walk around and you'll find A LOT of stuff

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