Sunday, August 23, 2009

Paul Calvin's

Paul Calvin's Deli. I knew the name sounded familiar. It was Sweetie who remembered when we entered the cozy deli. Paul Calvin's Deli was the caterer for the National Geographic event we recently attended. Too bad I was too full, the pasta and yums looked really delicious.

We decided to go to the resto early since we didn't know where it was exactly. We immediately found it on Rizal Drive (Global City) and thought that it looked really cozy. After parking we walked
around the area first because we were too early. We were surprised to find another nook filled with new restos in the vicinity.

In the resto we were welcomed by its managing director/co-owner, Jay Em, who was very sweet and personable. I mentioned to him that I almost sampled his food from the NatGeo event. He said that aside from the resto
they also cater from very small parties (50 pax.) to really big ones (1,000 pax), but mostly for company celebrations and promotional events. Aside from catering they also do wholesale supply of cakes and pastries.

It was a good thing we took a walk since there was quite a lot of stuff to sample. Check this out -

I had the pork belly, specially cooked spaghetti and carbonara by Chef Paul, salad, baked sweet potatoes and pineapple and mushroom soup. I wasn't able to try the chicken teriyaki (because it's chicken huhu) and the fish tofu.

And, of course, dessert -

We had mixed tarts, betamax brulee, and malunggay loaf.

I could barely get myself down the stairs because I was so full! Good food also came with great company: Sweetie, Jonas, Jane, Winston, Poyt, Fritz, Eric, Ryan,

Must have: pork belly and the dalanghita juice

Can do without: sweet potatoes and pineapple (but that's just me since I'm not a fan of pineapple)

Price range: PhP275 per person (for buffet)

The Lakwatsera's Rating: Paul Calvin's Deli is a cozy resto. Nice place for a romantic dinner :)

Paul Calvin's
Unit F 111 Forbes Town Center, Rizal Drive
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


  1. like is said in prudence's blog, food is good but service is terrible. really terrible. i tried the buffet too. not bad for the price. i just hope they improve the service

  2. @arpee it was okay, our table was treated well :)

  3. Wow! San to? Parang ang sarap dito. Nakakatuwa!

  4. The food is good. No questions about it. But the service is too slow. It's not a fastfood chain anyway. What's the use of having a good pasta if you've already eaten your dessert. And refilling of food trays.... terrible. If you have a reservation by 12NN and arrive on time, it would take almost an hour before they make refills. Is this they're management style of buffet.... making customers wait?