Monday, December 22, 2008

Texas Roadhouse Grill Series: Bloggers Food Tour
Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse Grill
Place: Bonifacio High Street

My high school friends wanted to try out something new when we had our annual Christmas lunch the other day. I finally got them to go to Bonifacio High Street and thought of two places we could probably head to. One was "Texas Roadhouse Grill" which gave me a very good impression during the bloggers food tour last April. I just absolutely loved their pasta marinara and that's what I ordered (of course!).

I was really surprised that my son, Miguel, almost did not finish his food! He ordered for chicken tenders (kiddie meal) and was overwhelmed with the huge serving. He ended up resting for awhile before finishing his food.

Sweetie, on the other hand, got some fajitas and was surprised that he had to put it together himself. It took him awhile as well to finish his order.

My friend, Mercy, got some fish fillet and I think was the only one who managed to finish her whole meal. 

We also got some salad and fries and I guess that's what filled us up really quick as well.

Must haves: Pasta Marinara and their fries with honey mustard dressing

Can do without: Fajitas, wasn't that tasty and the sour cream lacked oomph

Price range: PhP400 per person (includes bottomless iced tea)

The Lakwatsera's Rating: will likely go back


  1. i remember this resto from the event last april. i loved their food!!! will surely go back next time i'm in manila. :)

  2. @blogie Sarap ng pasta and shrimps noh? Yumyumyum

  3. Anong food po yung last picture? yung may parang Rice Pilaf? ssawwwaaap!!! =)

  4. @anj that's fish fillet, yummy daw sabi ng friend ko :)

  5. @jasperjugan medyo Pinoy style na, didn't try their steaks though

  6. I like their fish fillet. And chicken tenders is a staple for us too when we eat out, always my daughter's choice.

  7. @lynn true! my son enjoyed the chicken tenders =)

  8. waw! must try!!! asap!!! =) thanks for the info ms. Aileen!

  9. The fajitas are actually tasty. I suggest you try them again with the bell peppers, tomatoes and onions that come with them. As for the sour cream, I guess it depends on the person's taste buds. I surely liked it.

    And yes, you do have to make your own taco when you order this. It comes with three wrappers and you have a 2nd plate with all the ingredients (chopped tomatoes, cheese, shredded lettuce). What's nice is that you could mix and match sauces using either the sour cream, salsa sauce or even their A1 steak sauce. The A1 sauce made it taste yummier :)