Sunday, November 9, 2008

GenSan, Tuna Capital of the Philippines (Part 2)

I love eating sushi, especially at GenSan where when they say it's fresh, it is really fresh and not just defrosted, that's because the tuna we eat (be it as sushi, kinilaw or the canned ones) come from GenSan!

During the 2MBS sashimi night we were surprised to witness a fresh catch being prepared for the sashimi night. Here's a vlog about it -

You can also bring home fresh tuna by buying some from Citra Mina before you head to the airport. It's frozen and lasts about 6 hours (just in time for dinner when you take the 2:30 p.m. 5J flight)!


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  1. Hi Aileen! The tuna slicer is courtesy of our sponsor Pacific Seas Seafood Outlet. They also donated the 25 kg tuna which was sliced before our very eyes.
    They have an outlet along the National Highway, fronting Holiday Spa.
    Thanks again for making it to the MBS2 and adding to significance of the gathering.
    Ayo-ayo! :)