Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On a Hot Day

Mall of Asia is indeed a really, really HUGE mall. It'll take you more than a day to go through it (give it a couple of days). Have you been to the San Miguel Baywalk at the back of the mall?

You can just walk and walk and walk...

And when you're tired from walking you can always go to an ice cream parlor...

And eat yummy ice cream.

And just hang-out.


  1. You Asian people LURVE your malls, don't you??!?

    Hey if you're that much into shopping you must come to London and see HARRODS it is THEE biggest luxury goods store on the face of the earth by a LONG LONG LONG way! 1 million sq. ft of selling space: which puts it equal to New York City's vulgar Macy's department store. Except Macy's is for the lower classes. Whereas Harrods is not!

  2. Thanks for sharing, i don't live there anymore but i love seeing the Philippines in pictures

  3. @jeanniethedreamer - thanks for visiting! you should come home soon =)